Are you always waiting like readers of the books for certain moments to air to see the audience freak out? (x)

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what has fame done to sia????

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when people try to argue with you about something you clearly know more about

The phone rings,
and you answer
with a shaking hand
because you want to
turn the static between
two lines into a miracle,
you want him to breathe
somethings akin to hope
into you.

He won’t, you know.
Any hope he’s
swallowed, he’s
saving for himself
because it was never
his job to fix you.
He didn’t have the tools for it;
his hands were soft and unsteady.

You want salvation,
I won’t fault you for that.
And maybe the burden on
your shoulders has grown
too heavy for you alone,
but tell me you don’t feel like
you’re drowning in the white
noise on the other line,
tell me it’s not ripping you open,
spilling your guts on the floor.

The phone rings;
keep walking out
the door.

Emily Palermo, Don’t Call  (via starredsoul)

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dear Australians,

Canada has less people than California alone, and we’re the 2nd biggest country in the world. Gay rights are fully legal, abortion is legal, no racism or descrimination of any kind is allowed, free healthcare, and we have moose. Come live here, we have lots of space!



can Americans come too


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“If you can see a future without me and that doesn’t break your heart then we’re not doing what I thought we were doing here.”
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a Song of Ice and Fire: Unforgettable Scenes

“Just the once, not six times. Could you?” Arya felt tears well in her eyes. Thoros used a lot of words, but all they meant was no, that much she understood. -A Storm of Swords-



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Pretty cool how if you run out of money you can just stab someone and take theirs